VMware Workstation 8 & Fusion 4 Release

VMware recently released major updates to the Windows and Mac flavors of its Desktop Virtualization products:

VMware Workstation 8
VMware Fusion 4

Since I rely on my mobile lab for the majority of my testing, I was most excited by support for 64-bit VMs running within a virtualized ESXi installation. Continue reading “VMware Workstation 8 & Fusion 4 Release”

Adventures with Auto Deploy

Auto Deploy is one of the more exciting vSphere 5 features. I immediately began modifying my mobile VM Lab to test it out.

I will do a full how-to later, but here are some of the highlights:
1. PowerShell Interface – If you’ve delayed becoming familiar with vSphere PowerCLI cmdlets, this is the perfect time to start: The majority of, if not all, Auto Deploy configuration requires PowerShell.

2. TFTP Server is required – In my test environment, I installed SolarWinds’ free TFTP Server. It worked perfectly in my environment.

3. vSphere Offline Bundle – it would be helpful to download this in advance to load your vSphere image files on to the Auto Deploy Server

4. In your reference Host Profile, be sure to specify which fields you want to manually configure (especially the hostname!).

vSphere Home Study Lab, Part I

This series of articles will assist anyone looking to build a reasonably-priced VCP Home Study Lab.

Despite the many articles on the web about setting up a home lab, there still seems to be some confusion in the VMware Community about what are the easiest wallet-friendly configurations.  In this multi-part series, I will discuss and demonstrate how to setup a simple Home Lab to do your independent study away from your production environment at work.  Many thanks go to Eric Siebert, whose articles helped me immensely during my studies. Continue reading “vSphere Home Study Lab, Part I”

Virtualization 101: What Is Virtualization? (Do I have to wear those VR Goggles???)

The basics of server virtualization are explained for those who may not be 100% familiar with the technology.

What words come to mind when you hear the term Virtualization? Some people may think of the late 80s and 90s when Virtual Reality was a big buzzword and those humongous VR goggles allowed us to see 3-D representations of images and interact with them almost as if they were 100% real.  So, when you hear an IT Geek Professional talk about Server Virtualization, is it the same thing? Continue reading “Virtualization 101: What Is Virtualization? (Do I have to wear those VR Goggles???)”

Cloud 101: What Is “The Cloud”?

The Cloud is here to stay as more companies look to cut costs by leasing part, or all, of their computing infrastructure. If you’re not familiar with the technology, now is the time to do so.

By now, I think we’ve all seen the Microsoft commercials that feature the tagline “…To The Cloud”. What exactly is Microsoft talking about when they speak of The Cloud? Continue reading “Cloud 101: What Is “The Cloud”?”

Properly Shutting Down Stubborn VMs

Sometimes a VM refuses to shutdown, no matter how polite the vSphere Admin is. Don’t panic and kill the VM’s pid; instead, follow VMware’s best practices.

Every now and then, “it” happens. “It” refers to the dreaded VM-that-refuses-to-shut-down situation…even when you ask politely.

Now, I know a lot of you vSphere and VI3 Admins out there also moonlight as UNIX\Linux Admins. So, you may be all too happy to attack with a ps -ef | grep vmx and kill -9 pid combo. Even if this tactic has worked for you in the past, read on to find out why that might not be a good idea. Continue reading “Properly Shutting Down Stubborn VMs”