VMworld 2014 – Monday, August 25, 2014

The first full day of VMworld did not disappoint with many announcements being released before and during the Keynote.  VMware focused its messaging of embracing constant change (“Being Liquid”) to help its customers succeed in a climate of increased user expectations.  Read on for more on Monday’s announcements… Continue reading “VMworld 2014 – Monday, August 25, 2014”

My CCIE Data Center Lab Exam Experience, Part 2

I finally passed the CCIE Data Center Lab Exam on Tuesday, May 20, 2014.  It was daunting to do the lab again especially since my first try was quite a while ago, and my attempts since then seemed to be ” so close, but no cigar. 🙁 ”  However, I was successful this time due to a few things that I changed in my approach… Continue reading “My CCIE Data Center Lab Exam Experience, Part 2”

OpenStack your Windows Cluster with Neutron Allowed Address Pairs

Designing high availability for “cloudy” applications like an Apache web server is a fairly trivial task on OpenStack thanks to features like Load-Balancer as a Service (LBaaS).  However, the same is not necessarily true for traditional enterprise workloads like a Microsoft Windows Server Cluster. There are multiple challenges to address including shared block storage and Virtual IP addresses (VIPs) for your cluster.

My project didn’t require shared block storage for my cluster.  So, the major concern to address was the Cluster VIP:  Enter Neutron Allowed Address Pairs! Continue reading “OpenStack your Windows Cluster with Neutron Allowed Address Pairs”

I’m Already a Virtualization Expert. I Have to Understand Networking, Too?

IT organizations need their team members to develop skills from multiple domain areas of expertise (ex: Compute, Network, Storage, etc.).  The rise in popularity of converged (and even hyper-converged) infrastructure solutions further attests to this need.

Enter Networking for VMware Administrators: a book to help Virtualization Experts better understand how our physical and virtual networks work.

Continue reading “I’m Already a Virtualization Expert. I Have to Understand Networking, Too?”

Thoughts on VMware’s VCP Recertification Policy

VMware recently announced that the VMware Certified Professional (VCP) Certification will have a recertification requirement effective March 10, 2014.  It will be interesting to see how the vCommunity reacts to the news.  My vBrownBag Colleague, Jonathan Frappier, started a great discussion on his blog regarding the announcement, and I thought that I’d post a few thoughts of my own. Continue reading “Thoughts on VMware’s VCP Recertification Policy”

Top Virtualization Blogs Survey: 2014 Edition


Eric Siebert’s vSphere-land site has opened its polls for the 2014 Edition of the Top Virtualization Blogs survey.

In 2013, I stepped up my contributions to the vBrownBag podcast and worked on a few interesting book projects (more on that later!).  However, I still made time to contribute some articles that you guys found to be helpful.  Here are some of the popular ones:

While you’re on Eric’s site please also support some of the smartest guys that I have ever had the privilege to collaborate with: Team vBrownBag!  The Team consistently secures great content to help the community remain current on both Architectural and Operations considerations for planning and deploying Cloud and Virtualization infrastructure.

Thanks again for all of your support in 2013, and I look forward to producing even better content in 2014.

Puppet Manifests: Now with MOAR Awesome

One of the things that may confuse new Puppet users is the seemingly random order in which manifest elements are executed. Long-time users are already accustomed to the relationship metaparameters that can be used to dictate the specific order (i.e.: before, notify, require, subscribe). However, community feedback indicated that a significant change in Puppet’s execution ordering was desired. Enter Manifest Order Analysis of Resources (aka MOAR) Continue reading “Puppet Manifests: Now with MOAR Awesome”