VMworld 2014 – Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Today, I made an effort to try out the hands-on labs in addition to sessions.

The lab that I tried was the vSphere SDK lab.  It was a great introduction to using the Java APIs to manage your vSphere environment.  I’m looking forward to future editions incorporating rbVmomi, pyVmomi, and possibly even goVmomi so that attendees can try out some of the more popular programming languagues with vSphere.

Next, I learned more about VMware’s DevOps initiatives in a talk by Aaron Sweemer that mentioned VCAC integrations.  There wasn’t a large number of DevOps talks at VMworld this year, but I expect that number to grow as VMware Administrators become more involved in accelerating application deployments.

The VMware party that evening was great as always with the Black Keys rocking the house. Before then, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger stole the show by participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

How can I keep up with all the VMworld happenings if I’m not at the show?

The good folks at VMware, vBrownBag, and VMTrooper.com have got you covered:

  • VMware Now is broadcasting and replaying the Keynotes from Monday and Tuesday.
  • vBrownBag Tech Talks are happening again this year.  There is a lot of great content including Lauren Malhoit sharing details about ACI.
  • Follow the #vmworld hashtag on your favorite Twitter application.
  • Last, I’m experimenting with Storify to keep a running archive of each day’s Tweets that I post or retweet from others.

What have been your favorite VMworld moments so far?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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