VMworld 2014 – Monday, August 25, 2014

The first full day of VMworld did not disappoint with many announcements being released before and during the Keynote.  VMware focused its messaging of embracing constant change (“Being Liquid”) to help its customers succeed in a climate of increased user expectations.  Read on for more on Monday’s announcements…

Notable product announcements:

  • EVO:RAIL – The software smarts to enable qualified partners to build their own hyperconverged infrastructure appliances.
  • EVO:RACK – Enabling scale out for hyperconverged appliances, which includes participation in the Open Compute Project.
  • VMware Integrated OpenStack – VMware’s appliance to facilitate deployments of OpenStack using vSphere for the compute (Nova), NSX for networking (Neutron), and VSAN/VMFS for storage (Cinder and Glance).
  • Container Solutions Development – Partnering with Docker, Google (Kubernetes), and Pivotal to help Enterprises adopt next generation application deployment.
  • vCloud Air (The Artist Formerly Known as vCHS) – on-demand provisioning, and additional SaaS offerings such as Continuous Integration.
  • …and many more

The morning’s keynote started off with a high energy dance number complete with on-screen effects to match the choreography.  Robin Matlock, VMware Chief Marketing Officer set the stage for VMware’s goals to help customers bridge between their traditional enterprise workloads and modern, cloud-scale applications.  It’s great that Robin also took the time to promote the VMware Foundation’s goal to donate up to $250,000 towards charities of VMworld attendees’ choosing.  If you’re at the show, come on down to the Hang Space, and fly a paper airplane for charity!

Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO next came out to go over the various announcements of the week.  Bill Fathers had his own segment during Pat’s Keynote to talk about the advances in vCloud Air.  Finally, Carl Eschenbach wrapped up the morning with testimonials from Medtronic, MIT, and Ford about their use of vSphere to serve customers and enable innovation in-house.  Of special interest to me was MIT being 99% virtualized and using vSphere with OpenStack in production.

What will VMTrooper be checking out VMworld?

As some of you may know, I’ve been spending more time at work with OpenStack and DevOps technologies.  VMware has many sessions covering these areas including a great one by Somik Behera and Aaron Rosen today about using Docker containers running on vSphere, KVM, and Xen, with networking configured by NSX, and deployment and orchestration handled by Apache Mesos and Marathon.  I’ll be posting my impressions of these talks throughout each day.

How can I keep up with all the VMworld happenings if I’m not at the show?

Well, in addition to <Shamless_Self_Plug> following my posts on Twitter and on this blog </Shamless_Self_Plug>, both VMware and the vBrownBag folks have got you covered:

  • VMware Now is broadcasting and replaying the Keynotes from Monday and Tuesday.
  • vBrownBag Tech Talks are happening again this year.  There is a lot of great content including a talk from Brian Graf about asynchronous execution of your PowerCLI scripts for faster completions.

What have been your favorite VMworld moments/announcements so far?  Let me know in the comments section below.


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