I’m Already a Virtualization Expert. I Have to Understand Networking, Too?

IT organizations need their team members to develop skills from multiple domain areas of expertise (ex: Compute, Network, Storage, etc.).  The rise in popularity of converged (and even hyper-converged) infrastructure solutions further attests to this need.

Enter Networking for VMware Administrators: a book to help Virtualization Experts better understand how our physical and virtual networks work.

Last year, I joined the Technical Review Team for this book (Click here for the Rough Cuts edition).  The authors, Chris Wahl and Steve Pantol did an excellent job of covering a critical foundation in Networking Theory and then transitioning into VMware-specific networking concepts.  Virtualization rookies and aspiring VCDX’s alike will benefit from the topic coverage in this book.

The sections that I found most intriguing were the design considerations for NFS and iSCSI storage since the majority of my installations utilized dedicated FC networks.  With distributed storage systems like VSAN becoming increasingly popular, I expect that designing our networks to efficiently handle storage traffic will become even more of an imperative over time.

With all of the hype around SDN, NV, NFV, etc., VMware Administrators would be well-served to have a strong foundation in traditional networking to understand the changes that will be coming down the pike for network connectivity.  The Networking for VMware Administrators book is certainly a resource that can help you prepare.

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