Vagrant Up Multiple VMs on Rackspace Public Cloud

Using Vagrant with the local laptop is convenient for small workloads (2-3 VMs).  For larger workloads (3+ VMs), however, the MacBook Pro’s cooling fans start screaming at me.  I decided to try out a Public Cloud provider, and Rackspace’s 6-month Dev Trial was very appealing.  Read more on my experiences below… Continue reading “Vagrant Up Multiple VMs on Rackspace Public Cloud”

Containers: ThinApp for Linux Server Applications?

Linux Containers offer a different abstraction of the underlying infrastructure than traditional VMs:  Instead of replicating an entire Operating System setup into a VM file (ex: VMDK), you merely bundle the relevant binaries for a particular application that you wish to run.  So, in a way, a Container can almost be thought of as a VMware ThinApp (or the equivalent construct from non-VMware VDI Vendors). Continue reading “Containers: ThinApp for Linux Server Applications?”