Learn More About vSphere 5.5 and OpenStack

Two new books on Virtualization and Cloud launched recently, and I am really excited about them:

Mastering vSphere 5.5 by Scott Lowe and Nick Marshall with Forbes Guthrie, Matt Liebowitz, and Josh Atwell

OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook, 2nd Edition by Kevin Jackson and Cody Bunch

Mastering vSphere 5.5 is the latest in the Sybex series that Scott Lowe has been writing for quite some time now, and Nick Marshall will become the main author starting with this edition.  I was grateful to help Nick with the book in the small way that I was able to, and it’s great to see the finished product finally on the market.

vSphere 5.5 brings significant changes to the market.  It’s great to have experienced guides walking readers through the functionality of the platform.

The second edition of the OpenStack book brings coverage of the Grizzly release along with coverage of DevOps capabilities to automate deployment of the platform.  I was a bit more involved in the development of the book as a Technical Reviewer, and it was interesting to see firsthand how a technical book is put together.

The OpenStack book features great coverage of the platform with in-depth, step-by-step recipes for getting a complete Cloud deployment going with coverage of advanced topics like HA and Monitoring.  With the exception of minor items, the OpenStack coverage in this book is 100% applicable to the Havana release.  So, folks who are new to OpenStack can get started with the latest release with a great reference in the form of this book.

With VMware getting more involved in the OpenStack foundation and actually contributing code, it would be worthwhile to pick up both books and to start experimenting with the integration points between the two platforms.  You can use the links in the side bar to get your copies from Amazon today.

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