Help Team #vBrownBag, Help You! #VMworld Tech Talk Voting

The VMworld US 2013 edition of the vBrownBag Tech Talks were a big success.  There was a lot of community participation both from presenters and attendees.

Now, we want to make the talks even more helpful to the vBrownBag audience: Which content do you want to see more of?  The Voting Site that Cody developed will help the team in planning for Barcelona and for future events.  Read Cody’s latest post for more info:

Somehow, my Vagrant session is sharing the top spot of the leaderboard with Colin McNamara with 6 votes a piece.  I promise that I only created 3 dummy Twitter accounts to vote for myself.  Seriously though, thank you to all of the listeners who enjoyed my content despite the few technical hiccups during my demo.

If you haven’t gone to the voting site yet, I encourage you to do so and let Team vBrownBag know which sessions you liked the most.  You can vote for multiple tech talks: so, if you liked my session as well as Tony Foster’s VDI content, you can vote for both of us or for as many people as you’d like.

One last gratuitous plug for myself: Please keep voting for the Vagrant session!

The session is included below if you haven’t seen it yet.  Warning: My voice was kind of turnt up to 11 (Rookie Mistake). So, be sure to lower your speakers: