VMworld 2013: Day 2 Highlights

Day 1’s Keynote and announcements generated significant buzz around the direction of VMware’s Tech, and Day 2 allowed us a deeper look into the improvements that are now possible with the new software releases.

Carl Eschenbach, VMware President and Chief Operating Officer, took the stage and marveled at the 22,500 in attendance compared with the 1400 attendees from the first VMworld.  Later, two of VMware’s lead tech resources, Kit Colbert (VMware Principal Engineer) and Joe Baguley (VMware EMEA CTO) joined Carl on stage for solution demonstrations.

Kit began his talk by discussing VMware’s increased focus on aligning business requirements with IT service delivery.  The solution to accomplish this task is VMware vCloud Automation Center (vCAC).  vCAC is capable of orchestrating both infrastructure, via vSphere integration, and application deploy via vCloud Application Director.  There is monitoring made possible by integrations with VMware vCenter Operations Manager and VMware vCenter Log Insight for automated or manual resolution options.

Then, the live demo began which showcased a sample use case: application lifecycle management from end-user deployment.  Carl was the IT customer in the demo, and the workflow began with him selecting an app from the vCAC catalog with options to enable Auto-Scaling (more on that later).  vCAC even showed cost comparisons with two popular Public Cloud providers.

vCAC provisions the required VMs and calls vCloud Application Director to handle the application deployment piece.  The Auto-Scaling capability is provided enabled by monitoring by vCenter Operations Manager.  The customer can select the application from the vCAC catalog.  There are options to enable auto-scaling the showed the abilities of VMware vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) to provision Cloud services according to business requirements.  Kit also highlighted Network vMotion to move a VM from a Standard vSwitch to an NSX vSwitch.

Joe showed the remediation capabilities of vCloud Application Director in more detail when combined with vCenter Log Insight and vCenter Operations Manager’ monitoring capabilities.  I look forward to getting my hands on these solutions in the lab and trying some of the same scenarios demonstrated on stage.

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