EMC SMI-S Provider REMSYS Syntax

When working with the EMC SMI-S Provider, the process to add an array is fairly intuitive: once you login to the SMI-S Provider via the TestSMIProvider Utility, the addsys command guides you step-by-step through the process.  However, remsys is not nearly as intuitive.  If you need to remove an array from the SMI-S provider (ex: array decommision) check out the steps below… Continue reading “EMC SMI-S Provider REMSYS Syntax”

Automated Portgroup Management on a Standard vSwitch

Have you ever needed to move\restore Standard vSwitch portgroups?  If so, I’m hoping you didn’t do it manually.  o_0.  I recently had to re-install a few servers that used the Standard vSwitch, and I cobbled together some PowerCLI code to help with the transition.  Code samples included after the jump… Continue reading “Automated Portgroup Management on a Standard vSwitch”