#vBrownBag Session: Intro To Vagrant

Vagrant is a great utility that I heard about for the first time at PuppetConf 2012.  Oddly enough, Vagrant was so popular at the Conference that I seemed to hear more references to Vagrant than to Puppet!  I’ve been using Vagrant for the past few of months, and I can see why so many people are a fan of it.

Vagrant was created by Mitchell Hashimoto (HashiCorp CEO) a few years ago to solve problems related to consistency between Dev Environments and Production Environments. Before Vagrant, Developers might have been on their own to create their build environments.  It is not always possible to accurately replicate production setups on local workstations.  This potentially leads to the undesirable result of code unexpectedly behaving differently, or not working at all, when released to Production.

Vagrant simplifies this process by allowing you to script the definition (name, IP, RAM, etc.) of the VM you want to build.  You can then modify the OS and applications installed via Shell Scripts, Puppet Manifests, Chef Recipes, and Ansible Modules.

I did a hands-on Vagrant presentation for the vBrownBag Team, and it was pretty well-received.  The recording and slide deck are included below for your review.

Here is the recording of the vBrownBag Session:

Here is the slidedeck that I used:

The Intro to Vagrant session is just one episode in the Couch to OpenStack series (think Couch to 5k, but with Cloud Computing).  The next session actually happens today, July 16 at 5pm PST\7pm CST\8pm EST.  Catch it live, or view the recordings online at  the Professional OpenStack site or the iTunes Podcast site.

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