#vBrownBag Session: Intro To Vagrant

Vagrant is a great utility that I heard about for the first time at PuppetConf 2012.  Oddly enough, Vagrant was so popular at the Conference that I seemed to hear more references to Vagrant than to Puppet!  I’ve been using Vagrant for the past few of months, and I can see why so many people are a fan of it. Continue reading “#vBrownBag Session: Intro To Vagrant”

What is Network Virtualization?

Network Virtualization is a certified industry buzzword, and, as such, it is easy to write it off as mere hype. However, It is more than just buzz. Network Virtualization presents an opportunity for Data Center Teams to deliver applications and services to our end-users quicker than previously possible. However, just what is Network Virtualization, and how do we achieve it?…

Continue reading “What is Network Virtualization?”