UCS Manager KVM and Java 7 Update 21

So, the Java 7 Update 21 notification popped on your screen.  Go ahead and click it like normal, right?  Not so fast!  If you use the UCS Manager KVM utility on a regular basis, you will want to wait before applying this update.

During a recent development desktop build, I decided to install the latest and greatest JRE.  UCS Manager opened up without any problems and functioned normally until I tried to do some configuration on my ESXi server’s DCUI, I received a cryptic error pop-up:

“Cannot run program “C:\\Program”: CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

The good news is that the folks at Cisco’s Data Center Group are aware of the issue and are actively working on it (see the Cisco Support Forums).

Until a UCS update is released, though, avoid this Java update.  If you already updated, uninstall the JRE\JDK and then reinstall with an older build (see the Oracle Java Archives).  Note that you will need to open an Oracle account online to access the downloads (should be free).  I am currently using Java 7 Update 17 with UCS Manager, and the KVM windows are functioning properly.

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