VCE Vision Intelligent Operations @ VMworld 2013!

My abstract for VCE’s new Vblock management APIs, VCE Vision™ Intelligent Operations, was accepted by the VMworld Committee.  Not yet familiar with the VCE Vision software yet?  Then, check out these blog posts by myself and other VCE team members to get started.

If you are interested in hearing more about VCE’s Converged Operations approach to correlate the management of physical and virtual infrastructure, I would appreciate you casting a vote for my session (4504) at the VMworld Call for Papers Voting. Continue reading “VCE Vision Intelligent Operations @ VMworld 2013!”

Vagrant + VMware Fusion + OpenStack Tips & Tricks

My home OpenStack lab is a work-in-progress, but I’m much further along thanks to help from Mr. vBrownBag himself, Cody Bunch.

Whether you are just getting up-to-speed on OpenStack deployments, or you are a seasoned veteran who may be new to Vagrant and VMware Fusion, this list of hints may be useful to you as it grows over time: Continue reading “Vagrant + VMware Fusion + OpenStack Tips & Tricks”