VCE Vision Intelligent Operations: I See A Vblock!

A project that I’ve been working on for the past 5 months is finally being revealed today, and I’m excited to share some information about it!

How Did VCE Establish the Converged Infrastructure Market?

VCE VblockTM Systems bring simplicity to data center infrastructure deployments.  In a single, productized offering (aka a Vblock), customers can purchase the best-of-breed components for Virtualization (VMware), Compute & Network (Cisco), and Storage (EMC).  In addition, VCE makes significant investments in R&D to ensure that optimal feature & component configurations, firmware & software versions, etc. are employed in each Vblock before it leaves the factory.  Last but not least, there is a single support number to field all of your Vblock component questions instead of having to call each of VCE’s Investor Companies individually (although you still can if you’d like to).

What is VCE Doing to Take the Converged Infrastructure Market Even Further?

VCE would like to bring the same level of simplicity to the Operations aspect of the Vblock regardless of which management tool that our customers use. Our new VCE VisionTM Intelligent Operations software solution will make this possible.

VCE Vision introduces the concept of Converged Operations by changing the way that our customers’ Management & Orchestration (M&O) Tools monitor and report on the Vblock.  Instead of monitoring the Cisco UCS blades, Cisco Nexus & MDS Switches, and EMC VNX\VMAX Storage as discrete components, customers’ software will see the Vblock as a single entity.

This is accomplished by providing an abstraction layer between our customers’ M&O Tools and the Vblock components.  VCE Vision monitors the components to verify the latest status and configuration changes.  M&O vendors can then utilize our RESTful API and\or SNMP to collect information about the Vblock.

A great example of possible M&O uses include the VCE VisionTM Plug-in for vCenter, which enables customers to see both the Virtual and Physical components of their data center infrastructure within the vSphere Web Client:

VCE Vision Plug-in for vCenter (NOTE: Product is actively being developed, and appearances may differ on the release date)

What About EMC’s UIM?!?

Some industry observers and our existing customers may wonder what does this mean for the solution that is currently sold with Vblock Systems to monitor them and to provision new workloads.  I want to be crystal clear in saying that VCE Vision is complementary to UIM.  WE ARE NOT COMPETING WITH UIM!!!

…Then, what is the value of having VCE Vision and UIM together in your environment?  Going forward, the UIM software development teams can continue innovating the user experience for provisioning workloads while relying on VCE Vision to give them the most up-to-date view of the environment.  As VCE continues to release new Vblock Systems models, UIM can continue making the same API calls without worrying about the underlying hardware and software updates.

I’ll be posting additional details about VCE Vision over time, including some code samples for querying the API.  In the meantime, you can check out for more information.

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