Changing your vCloud Director vApp Networks

While working in the vCD Lab this morning. I discovered that I had assigned the wrong networks to my vCloud vApps.  If you have made the same mistake, here are a few steps to resolve the problem.

1. Open your vApp, and add the correct Network

Click Add Network on the vApp Networking Tab

2.  Select whether you will be creating a new vApp Network or whether the vApp will be direct-connected to an Organization Network (If you want to select “Organization Network”, the Organization Network needs to be created in advance)

vApp or Direct-Connect Organization Network
Select vApp or Organization Network

3. Change your vApp VMs’ assigned networks to the one you just added (you will not be able to remove the old network while any VMs still reference it)

Change your vApp VM’s assigned network.

4. Remove the old Network that you are no longer using.

Remove the Network that is no longer being used.

On a side note, if you are using the vCloud Director-Nexus 1000V VXLAN integration to support vCDNI, make sure that your vCloud Director External networks are not assigned to any 1000V Port-Profiles that have “capability vxlan” enabled.  The Nexus 1000V will block the ports assigned to your vShield Edge appliances, and you will not be able to access the outside world.

No, you do not need to have “capability vxlan” as part of the External Network Port-Profiles.  The External networks are strictly for vShield Edge to use for NAT’ing purposes (or for vApps direct-connecting to the Internet), and I just used standard Port-Profiles for that.  Of course, if you will be creating more than 32 network or direct connections, you will need to update the max-ports setting (see VMware KB1035819 and the Cisco Port-Profile Config Guide for your Nexus 1000V release for details).

Your vCD Network Pools still use the VCDNI\VXLAN networks for inter-VM communication if you select routed communications.  I might just do a future blog post to further discuss.

Thank you everyone for a great 2012!  I’ve enjoyed your comments\feedback on the site and on Twitter.  I look forward to sharing more vGoodness with you all in 2013!

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