VMworld Europe 2012: Recommendations for the Newbies

Even though I won’t be going to VMworld Europe 2012 (maybe 2013???), I’d like to share some insights on what to check out at the show…

1. Get in those Hands-On Labs!

Not only do you get hands-on experience with solutions you may not have time to configure in-house, you get free swag, the chance to win great prizes like VMworld 2013 passes, and the opportunity to meet some of the Super Geniuses within the ranks of VMware and EMC’s vSpecialists!

2. Get Social!

The great thing about VMworld is that you get to meet so many people from the vCommunity, and you can share ideas and interesting ways of doing things.  Plus, everyone I met at VMworld US 2012 was even cooler in person than on Twitter & the Blogosphere.

Check the list of events at the VMworld Social Gatherings site

3. Get vBrownBag!

The awesome guys behind the vBrownBag weekly show are bringing the successful series of lightning tech talks to Barcelona.  Check the VMworld vBrownBag Tech Talk Schedule for details.

4. Get Crawling!

Don’t wait for the last day of the show to enjoy all of the vGoodness at the Solutions Exchange.  Besides the voluminous amounts of swag to be had (and VMworld has the best that I have seen of any tech conference), there are great technologies on display, including the Vblock Cloud Management & Orchestration solution that I demo’ed in San Francisco this year!

Plus, you might get a chance to run into two of my favorite vPeoples who are resuming their duties as Cisco roving reporters: Josh Atwell (@Josh_Atwell) and Amy Lewis (@Comms_Ninja)!   Word is, they can be bribed with #vBacon. Shh! you didn’t hear it from me.

5. Get Edumacated!

Between the sessions, and discounts on VMware Courses and Exams, if there is a gap in your vKnowledge, make sure to get it filled at VMworld.  Don’t be too much of a nerd, though, or you’ll end up missing out on some of the goodness that I mentioned before.  Plus, most, if not all, VMworld sessions are available for viewing after the event as a benefit of your registration.  So, if there’s something that you miss, you can always catch it later.

So, I can sum up my VMworld recommendations in my own #VMworld3Word: Networking and HoL!

Have fun learning, but don’t forget to also have fun interacting with the rest of the vCommunity.

Enjoy the show and share your experiences from Barcelona in the comments section below!

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