vSphere DNS Dependencies

When you setup your own test lab, you may not have all the niceties that you do at your corporate office including an existing network with DNS properly configured.  As such, you may forget about which components of vSphere depend on DNS until you run into interesting error messages.  Here are a couple of DNS-dependent vSphere functions you may not have considered previously…

OVA\OVF Imports – the import process depends on the vSphere host being able to resolve its own name.  At some point during a recent Nexus 1000V VSM deployment, my DNS server went down.  The import process error’ed out when it could not ping the host.

File\Folder Uploads via Datastore Browser – Technically, this is less about your vSphere Server’s DNS setup and more about your client OS’ DNS Setup. If your desktop cannot resolve the vSphere server’s name, you may get a “NFC Failed” message when you try uploading files.

Normally, my management cluster (including my DNS server) is up and operational.  So, these errors took me by surprise until I did some digging to uncover the root cause.

For a quick review of vSphere’s DNS requirements, cruise on over to VMware’s Documentation Center

If you have any interesting DNS adventures of your own to share, post them in the comments section below.

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