VMworld 2012 Wrap-Up

Finally getting a chance to put down some thoughts about VMworld 2012.  There were many announcements to get the vCommunity excited about.  Most of the sessions that I went to were quite good.  The Hands-On Lab was definitely the highlight of the experience for me.

For a rundown of announcements from earlier in the show, check out my previous post: Death to vRAM!

The second day’s keynote was chock full of End User Computing goodness, including the integrations that VMware is planning to develop between View and Wanova Mirage.

As for the sessions, most were great.   The sessions from the vCommunity heavy hitters like Chad Sakac, Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman, Mike Laverick, Chris Colotti, Rawlinson Rivera, Josh Atwell, Kenny Coleman, etc. were even better than expected.  The sessions from other folks were more hit-or-miss.

For example, a session regarding vSphere 5.1’s new Networking framework was billed as Technical.  However, it had about 10 minutes of technical content, and the rest of the hour was business development.

Next time I go to VMworld, I will definitely stick to sessions from the people that I do know (and the people they recommend), and I will spend more time in the Hands-On Lab (HoL), which, again, was phenomenal!

Over the course of VMworld 2012, the HoL Team tirelessly (and with the highest levels of Customer Service) fought through minor technical gremlins to successfully deliver close to 12,000 lab sessions to over 11,000 unique attendees.

All lab sessions were delivered via VMware View.  So, attendees even had the option of using their own devices instead of the provided thin-client workstations.  I even saw some guys using their iPad in the BYOD section of the lab.  However, I wasn’t that patient and opted to use my MacBook Pro instead.

The labs included a number of solutions that I either didn’t have access to or didn’t have the time to finish setting up at the home lab yet:

1. vCenter Configuration Manager

2. DynamicOps

3. vCloud Director with Cisco Nexus 1000V & VXLAN

4. vCenter Orchestrator

I’ll be diving deeper into as many of these solutions as possible in upcoming blog posts.

Let me know what were some of your favorite VMworld 2012 moments in the comments section below!

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