VMware SRM on EMC VNX VSA: Mobile Lab Build-Out

Simon Seagrave’s recent VSI Presentation inspired me to try out VMware Site Recovery Manager(SRM) with Nick Weaver’s Über version of EMC’s VNX Simulator. To get the lab going, it’s necessary to download ALL the right components….

Aside from the VNX Simulator (see the link to Nick’s page above), you will need to download the following

VMware Software Components:
1) VMware SRM Installer
2) VNX Storage Replication Adapter (SRA)
Both are accessible on VMware’s SRM Site

EMC Software Components (EMC Powerlink account required):
1) VSI – vSphere Management
If you will be doing Celerra block provisioning, you will also need NavisphereCLI
if you will be doing VNX block provisioning, you will also need Unisphere CLI

NOTE: Neither the Über VNX Simulator nor the standard VNX Simulator support block storage(iSCSI) as of this blog post’s publication date.  So, these CLI installs ARE NOT necessary for your virtual lab, and you can ignore the warnings requesting them during the VSI install.

2) VNX Replicator Enabler for VNX SRA

I am still in the middle of building out the environment, and I have run into a little snag with getting my Primary VSA to replicate to my Standby VSA. When the build-out is finished, I’ll share my results in an upcoming blog post

Did I miss any items from my VMware\EMC Component Shopping Lists? Do you have any interesting experiences regarding how to get this environment up and running? If so, please share in the comment section below.

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