Fedora 17 Beta and VMware Tools Installation Fun

Fedora 17 is in Beta and Red Hat included the Open vSwitch in this distribution. So, I wanted to test it out.

The Fedora Beta installation process does not provide as many module installation options as a standard Red Hat Install does. So, the VMware Tools installation proved to be a little tricky…

The following packages will be required for you to complete the VMware Tools Installation:

I recommend using yum instead of rpm to install these packages. If your Linux Kung Fu is strong, by all means, use rpm -ivh <package name> and install all the dependencies manually.

If you would rather have an easier time, use the following workflow:

1. Run the VMware Tools installation. This will mount the ISO that contains the installation file (ex: VMwareTools-8.6.5-621624.tar.gz). Copy the file to a temporary location.  Indicate to the vSphere client that the Tools installation is complete so that it will unmount the ISO.

2. Verify your yum configuration settings

There are three .repo files in /etc/yum.repos.d

yum would not execute properly until I made changes in all three.

In each file, the baseurl and mirror values may be incorrect, or your server may not be able to resolve the default YUM repository http://download.fedoraproject.org

I commented out the existing baseurl and mirror statements with a “#” and added a corrected baseurl line

There are 2 possible ways to resolve this:

a. In your host computer’s web browser, find out which mirror site that http://download.fedoraproject.org resolves to create the baseurl entry accordingly.

In my case, it was baseurl=http://mirrors.rit.edu/fedora/linux/releases/test/17-Beta/Fedora/x86_64/os/


b. Mount your Fedora 17 Beta ISO to a folder and use the mount path in your baseurl setting (ex: baseurl=file:///your-mount-path)

3. Install the packages listed above (ex: yum install tar)

4. Go to the temp location where you copied the VMware Tools gzip file and unzip it (ex: tar -xvzf VMwareTools-8.6.5-621624.tar.gz)

5. Run the installation perl script (ex: vmware-install.pl)
NOTE: You may get some errors related to the fast network device (vmxnet). However, as long as you can access the network properly, you can ignore it…at least I have not encountered any unfavorable behaviors, yet 🙂

Let me know what your experience is like in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “Fedora 17 Beta and VMware Tools Installation Fun”

  1. I was able to install all of the packages above with the normal yum command. I ran vmware-install.pl and it ran to completion normally. I am using the                                                                                                                                                                 
    VMware Workstation Technology Preview 2012. Evrything looks as it should but the display size is not correct. Any ideas.

    1. Hello James.  Hmm…I ran my install on ESXi 5 U1.  Perhaps the Workstation Preview’s versions of VM Tools has some under-the-hood improvements that gets you past what I experienced.

      Regarding display size, are you speaking of the CLI view? or in the GUI?  I haven’t even tried installing and running Gnome or any other UI’s on Fedora 17 yet.

      The VMware Communities usually have good info on how to customize the views of your virtual guests.  Let me know if you find a good solution!

    2.  Additional Information For Ubuntu & Fedora 17 in VMWare Environment

       -Computer-Ubuntu 12.04


      Resolution        : 1583×671 pixels

      OpenGL Renderer        : Unknown

      X11 Vendor        : The X.Org Foundation

      -Computer- Fedora 17


      Resolution        : 1024×768 pixels

      OpenGL Renderer        : Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (LLVM 0x300)

      X11 Vendor        : Fedora Projec

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