Windows 8: First Impressions…Plus, what’s in store for Hyper-V???

I first tried Windows 8 when one of the earlier builds mysteriously wound up on the Internets. It was fairly stable for an older build, but I had a few problems running it as a VM in VMware Workstation 7. So, I abandoned it until an official beta build was released. Enter the Windows 8 Community Preview

So far, so good.  I think the Windows Metro concept is a good continuation of the ideas begun in Windows Phone 7.  If users accept the updated interface, it may help Microsoft get a leg up on Apple in the race to a truly touch-interactive Desktop Operating System.

Being a vSphere Nerd, I immediately tried to install the vSphere 5 Client, but it errored out saying that the vSphere Client must be installed on Windows XP or later.  Not surprising that Microsoft may changed the mechanisms for existing applications to detect the OS version.  I’ll scour the web to see if I can find a resolution.

The only other challenge that I encountered was trying to join my Home Lab AD Domain.  For some reason, Windows 8 was not able to resolve my Domain Controller’s fully qualified domain name.  So, I made the appropriate settings change in the Network Configuration GUI to append my domain name to dns lookups.  That resolved the problem, and I was able to join the domain.  Here is a screenshot:

Windows Network Configuration GUI
Append your domain suffix to troubleshoot Windows AD Join Problems

So far, so good, but what all us vSphereManiacs are really interested to see is Windows Server 8 and the changes Microsoft is bringing to the table to combat VMware vSphere …besides touting how “free” Hyper-V is…For the sake of Hyper-V’s market share, Microsoft better have more compelling arguments than cost this time around.

IMHO, building your value proposition on cost, rather than on reliability, scalability, and performance factors, is not a compelling tactic for large Enterprises with Mission Critical workloads.  The CIOs of such companies will not take Hyper-V seriously otherwise….

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