VCP 5 Exam Review

Disclaimer: I will not be providing sample questions & answers (a la “brain dumps”) to ANYONE for ANY REASON…not even if you say “pretty pretty please with sugar on top”

REMINDER: Any VCP4’s reading my blog, remember to take the test before March 2012.  After that date, you will be required to fulfill a class prerequisite to achieve the certification.

This morning, I passed the VCP 5 Exam, and I even did better than when I passed VCP 4!!!

As other bloggers have noted, VMware seems to be more in favor of making you think about real-world configuration scenarios rather than memorizing a bunch of configuration maximums and other assorted useless, err, partially useful facts.

Although, I cannot elaborate on question content, I CAN say that you MUST know the VCP 5 Blueprint 100% to have a shot at passing the exam.

There were some vSphere features on the blueprint that I figured, “ahh, that’s no so important; let me go ahead and concentrate on the sexy features”.  Wouldn’t you know that I got hit with questions about those very features that I ignored?!? LOL

So, here are my tips for getting a passing score on the exam.

  • Again, know the Blueprint 100%
  • practice, Practice, PRACTICE as many configuration scenarios as you can (with the variety of open-source\freeware storage appliances like OpenFiler, and the ability to run x64 VMs within virtual ESXi servers, there is NO EXCUSE for not improving your practice lab)
  • Oh, and in case you didn’t see it the first time: KNOW THE BLUEPRINT

So, good luck test-takers, I look forward to the rest of you joining us VCP5’ers real soon.

……..And now to repurpose the Home & Mobile Labs for VCP-DT 🙂

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