VMware Workstation 8 & Fusion 4 Release

VMware recently released major updates to the Windows and Mac flavors of its Desktop Virtualization products:

VMware Workstation 8
VMware Fusion 4

Since I rely on my mobile lab for the majority of my testing, I was most excited by support for 64-bit VMs running within a virtualized ESXi installation.

I briefly tested the functionality by creating a Windows 2008 R2 VM within my virtualized vSphere 5 server.

Of course, your physical CPU must support Intel-VT/AMD-V, and your Virtual Machine Settings should also have the correct CPU Settings enabled:

Required settings to support virtualized 64-bit VMs

I have not verified if virtualized 64-bit Hyper-V Guests are possible yet, but I will test this soon.

The internals were not the only change to Workstation: The interface received a significant update, and it looks more like a Windows 7 application now:

Let me know what you think of the new release. I look forward to more interesting setups in my mobile lab.

P.S. Click the links to VMware’s site above to get a complete listing of all the new features.

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