More Fun with Granular Permissions

Navigating vCenter’s permissions puzzles to create granular rights for users within the same DRS Cluster.

Currently, the DRS Clusters in our development lab consist of machines belonging to multiple teams.

The original Lab Admin grouped the ESX Servers according to machine model number (presumably to facilitate easier vMotion i.e. sans Enhanced vMotion Compatibility). Thus, ESX Servers from different teams belong to the same clusters.

The Lab Owner would like me to make permissions as granular as possible so that non-admins will be able to create\delete, migrate, and power on\off the VMs that belong to their respective teams, only. Continue reading “More Fun with Granular Permissions”

High Availability in VMware Environments

Information regarding HA solutions for your VMware environment.

Congratulations! You successfully designed your VMware Environment including your high-speed Fibre\iSCSI SAN that connects your powerful servers to the latest and greatest disk arrays.

You are capable of running hundreds of VMs simultaneously without so much as a blip in vCenter’s Resource Monitors.

The Backup Administrator in me can’t help but ask “What is your Disaster Recovery plan?”  i.e. What happens if the cleaning crew accidentally causes a break in one of those Fibre cables in the middle of the night?  Of course, that never happens….right? Continue reading “High Availability in VMware Environments”