vShield Product Family

vShield technology can simplify your security management tasks.

On Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010, I attended a VMUG Webinar featuring Serge Maskalik, Senior Manager of the vShield Team.

It was great to see how committed VMware is about addressing security concerns in virtual environments.

One of the key features of vShield is the capability to allow multiple security zones on the same Host while still ensuring complete separation of communication between the different zones.  This can open up possibilities for improved utilization of host resources by not requiring completely separate hardware for each security zone.

There are also other benefits such as decreased reliance on complicated VLAN setups, which could present logistical concerns in an SRM deployment.

Federal customers are already deploying vShield, and the technology is still undergoing stringent evaluation by Government Security standards to obtain approval for deployment in agencies with even stricter requirements.

I will post more thoughts on vShield as I learn more about the technology.

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