PowerShell ISE For Your VMware Automation IDE Needs

PowerGUI was my favorite PowerShell integrated development environment (IDE). However, the performance has been a little sluggish on my desktop, and I was wondering if there are any other alternatives that people are using. It turns out the community has been very active in extending the functionality of PowerShell’s own Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) with various plugins and customizations. Continue reading “PowerShell ISE For Your VMware Automation IDE Needs”

Django Testing in a Jenkins Docker Container

Django is a popular Python-based web application framework that I’ve been using to write sample applications for my OpenStack testing. Jenkins is a great continuous integration tool for automated builds and testing. Why not combine the two to make my life a little easier? Continue reading “Django Testing in a Jenkins Docker Container”

Vote for VMware Sessions at the OpenStack Tokyo Summit!

At this year’s Vancouver Summit, attendees were enthusiastic about VMware Integrated OpenStack as we drew standing room only crowds at all of my team’s talks.

Building on that excitement, we are proposing even more talks for users who are interested in running OpenStack clouds on VMware infrastructure.

If you are interested in all things OpenStack+VMware, check out my colleague’s blog post that lists the sessions that are currently available for voting.  Vote today! The deadline is tomorrow at midnight.

Are there any topics that you would like covered that aren’t on the list?  If so, let me know in the comments section below, and I’ll base future blog posts around them.

SSL Certificates for your VMware Integrated OpenStack Dev Lab

I’ve been working with secure OpenStack endpoints since VMware Integrated OpenStack prefers communication over HTTPS. If you don’t have ready access to a trusted Root CA, how are you supposed to sign your development lab’s certificate signing requests (CSR)? Easy! Use your own Root CA.

<<Insert obligatory warning to never, EVER, use the configurations below in production…EVER…Only use signed certificates from trusted CA’s in production!>> Continue reading “SSL Certificates for your VMware Integrated OpenStack Dev Lab”

Reclaiming Storage from Vagrant (the quick and dirty way)

If you’ve been using Vagrant to build dev environments on your laptop, it’s possible that you may have forgotten about many a few of your environments. Such was the case with my laptop as my 256 GB drive started screaming for mercy. I have quite a few project folders, and I didn’t want to perform vagrant status one-by-one. How could I quickly clean up stale environments?!? Continue reading “Reclaiming Storage from Vagrant (the quick and dirty way)”

My Microservices Meetup Talk: Kubernetes, Docker, CoreOS and OpenStack

Ever since Kubernetes was presented at DockerCon 2014, there has been interest in local Silicon Valley meetups to learn more about it.  I think there are at least 3-4 meetups this month alone featuring talks on Kubernetes and Docker. On Feb 18, 2015, I had the privilege of presenting the work that Kelsey Hightower and I did on the Docker and Kubernetes content for the DevOps for VMware Administrators bookat the Microservices Meetup. Continue reading “My Microservices Meetup Talk: Kubernetes, Docker, CoreOS and OpenStack”